Hi-fi revisited, in Alsace

Rhapsody Hifi offers you perfectly tuned hi-fi audio systems where every component has been tested, listened to, and compared in different configurations.

A refreshed approach to hifi

  • Our concept: How about we become your Hi-Fi consultant? We analyse your needs, understand your wishes and constraints before submitting you an optimal High Fidelity solution.
  • We use amplified active hifi speakers, mainly the Genelec Home Audio (dedicated to High Fidelity) and PSI Audio ranges. No need to buy amplifiers anymore, they are integrated to the speakers.
  • Also in our selection of products, we have chosen high quality digital and analog sources, such as a BlueSound, Auralic, Lindemann audio or Wattson audio streamers, Edwards Audio vinyl turntable and of course the Illusonic audio processor.  
  • All our Hi-Fi audio systems adapt to your room and not the other way around. Thanks to an acoustic correction system, the speakers can be placed against the wall, in a corner, high up, or even on the ceiling while ensuring perfect musical quality.
  • Our systems can be easily integrated into your living rooms thanks to a controlled footprint.

In order to take better care of you, we welcome you at our place only by appointment. We also offer a demonstration service at home, delivery and installation of your system, acoustic analysis of your room.

Contact us for advise, an appointment in one of our listening points or at your place for a custom demo session.


Personal Advice

Living space analysis, demo and system setup at your place, demo by appointment.


Tested and approved products

A restricted catalog, full knowledge about our products and unbeatable quality/price ratio.



Our products are design to last and they are repairable over time, based on recycled material.

Modern high-fidelity audio systems

hifi active speakers from genelec home Audio & PSi audio

Genelec et PSI Audio offer you all their technologies from the professional world to the service of high fidelity at home, active loudspeakers with acoustic ambience correction, reliability and maintainability over time.

audio streamer

Control your hi-fi system with your tablet and listen to your music on your hi-fi system thanks to a audio streamer from Auralic, Bluesound, Lindemann, Illusonic, Wattson Audio. Rhapsody hifi is a member of the Qobuz Society, we will use this service in most demonstrations. 

hifi cables MADE TO MEASURE in germany from Goldkabel

Goldkabel is our preferred supplier, we have chosen them for the quality of their product, their flawless service and the variety of their catalogue: power cable, power strip, digital cable, analog cable and many accessories. Their cables are made to measure according to the customer's specifications.



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