Modern Hifi, in Alsace

Rhapsody Hifi was created with the intention of offering you perfectly balanced High Fidelity systems where each element has been tested, listened to and compared in different configurations.


We offer you a revamped approach to High Fidelity:


  • We use active or amplified speakers dedicated to High Fidelity, mainly from Genelec Home Audio and PSI Audio. No need to buy amplifiers, they are integrated into the speakers and especially made for them.
  • Thanks to their acoustic correctors, all our High Fidelity systems adapt to your room and not the other way round. The speakers can be placed against the wall, in an corner, in high position, or even attached to the ceiling while keeping perfect musical features.
  • Our systems can easily be integrated in your living rooms thanks to a space-saving design.
  • We also offer you a home listening service, delivery and installation of your system, as well as an acoustic analysis of your room.

Contact us to discuss or for an appointment in one of our listening points, or at your home for a personalized consultation.


Personal Advice

Living space analysis, demo and system setup at your place.


Tested and approved products

A restricted catalog, full knowledge about our products and unbeatable quality/price ratio.



Our products are design to last and they are repairable over time, based on recycled material.



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