Our brands

By choice, our product range is relatively small, so we perfectly know our products and their possible combinations. You will find all you need to build a high quality audio system or upgrade your own.


If you are looking for an audio streamer (or audio network player), a DAC, a turntable, an active amplified loudspeaker, cables and acoustic accessories, check out our brands and high fidelity products or contact us for a tailored approach and advice. 

Active loudspeakers & Hifi Design

genelec home audio

The Genelec Home Audio amplified and active hi-fi speakers are efficient , easy to setup and offer a true Scandinavian design (Origin: Finland)

psi audio

The PSI Audio active speakers offer one of most refined and accurate sound (Origin: Switzerland)

Audio streamer - DAC


Auralic's audio streamers and DACs are embedded with lots of technology, including an excellent software suites and hardware updates (Origin: China)


Bluesound offers excellent audio streamers and portable loudspeakers, as good as they are easy use (Origin: Canada/China)

lindemann audio

Lindemann is well knows to produce smart audio streamers and analog preamps with the ‘Deutsche Qualität’ standard (Origin: Germany)

wattson audio

Wattson Audio offers audio streamers with an unmatched quality and approach at this price point (Origin: Switzerland)

Hi-fi Audio Processor


The Illusonic audio processors are the perfect combination of a high-end dac combined with an acoustic corrector and a preamplifier, the perfect Swiss army knife of high-end sources (Origin: Switzerland)

AC Regenerator

ps audio

PS Audio main regenerator offer best in class devices able to regenerate new, sage and pure AC (Origin: USA)

Câble et accessoires Hifi


GoldKabel hi-fi cables are handmade in Germany, true craftsmanship and high quality (Origin: Germany)

Casque Hifi

meze audio

Meze Audio hifi headphones produce a perfect natural sound (Origin: Romania)

Acoustic Panels

Konto Acoustics

We use Konto acoustic panels, they are stylish, ultra efficient and made from natural materials: peat fiber (Origin: Finland).

Fournisseur de musique


Qobuz  is a French service of audio streaming and purchase of music files. we use it intensively for our demonstrations thanks to iOS, Android, MacOs or PC applications driving our audio streamers.. Many albums are available in Studio Master or High Definition.


Tidal is the rival platform to Qobuz. Tidal is a CD quality music streaming service. You will be able to drive it with the usual iOS, Android, MacOs or PC applications.