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The full Genelec Home Audio range is with Rhapsody Hifi - G one, G Two, G Three, F Four, G Five, F One, F Two
Genelec Home Audio range, from G One to G Five, F One et F Two


Imagine listening to your favorite music in the intimacy of your living room with a sound as clear and precise as if you were in a concert hall.

With forty years of experience in the professional audio field, Genelec is pleased to present the G and F series, a range of speakers specially designed for your home use, combining the best sound quality with a unique and minimalistic design.

Genelec G Series: Hifi active speakers

Active speakers Genelec Home Audio G Four - Rhapsody Hifi
Genelec G Four

Genelec's G series active loudspeakers are designed for a demanding domestic use.


The Genelec G Series active speakers combine an organic, rounded shape with powerful and accurate sound reproduction. Thanks to their integrated design where speakers and amplifiers are integrated as one unit, Genelec active speakers offer superior sound quality, higher maximum sound pressure levels and increased reliability compared to conventional passive speakers of the same size.


Moreover, the slightly curved design of the cabinet was not only chosen for its aesthetics, it is the result of Genelec's cooperation with renowned industrial designer Harri Koskinen. Sharp edges or corners of the speakers cause acoustic reflections that interfere with direct sound. This interference, called diffraction, is considerably reduced by the smooth, curved design of Genelec's active loudspeakers. The result is excellent resolution and a perfect sound image.


Fitting perfectly to the shape of the cabinet, the proprietary DCW™ Wave Guide, formed around the tweeter, is designed to match the frequency and directivity characteristics of the two drivers. 

The result is an on- and off-axis natural frequency response and controlled directivity, maximizing direct sound to the listening area.


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Genelec F Subwoofers

Active speakers Genelec Home Audio G Three, Subwoofer F Two -  Rhaposdy Hifi
Genelec G Three and F Two subwoofer

Genelec's F Series active subwoofers are designed to be complementary to Genelec's G Series active speakers in cases where extended and powerful reproduction of very low frequencies is desired.


The F One and F Two subwoofers share the same award-winning design created by designer Harri Koskinen and Genelec's Research and Development team. The all-metal construction of the subwoofers hides the driver and connectors out of sight, leaving the clean shape of the speaker intact. Both models feature a full set of connections and settings for perfect adaptation to the main active speakers and room acoustics.


Thanks to the integrated design where the speaker and amplifier are designed as a single enclosure, Genelec active subwoofers offer superior sound quality, higher maximum sound pressure levels and increased reliability compared to conventional passive enclosures of the same size.


The built-in amplifier allows direct connection between the active subwoofer and most preamplifiers, computer sound cards, DACs or other sources. In addition, the Intelligent Signal Sensing feature (ISS™) significantly reduces power consumption in standby mode. Genelec's professional heritage is also evident in the enclosure materials, which include aluminum and molded steel. Genelec active subwoofers are durable, robust and environmentally friendly.

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