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Illusonic Audio Processor

Illusonic Audio Processor

The IAP (Illusonic Audio Processor) is the Swiss Army Knife for audiophiles. It optimizes all your high fidelity systems, all rooms and all listening configurations.


The best hifi loudspeaker can only express its qualities if the delivered signal is perfect and if the acoustics of your room do not disturb the sound reproduction. With the IAP (Illusonic Audio Processor), Illusonic has developed a powerful tool with innovative technologies to reproduce music in an optimal way. The IAP is the command center for all your digital and analog sources. It can manage your hifi active loudspeakers or your amplifiers and passive loudspeakers.

Two key factors for a good sound managed by the IAP are the absence of sound coloration and the 3D effect of the soundstage.


All IAPs are fitted with the same internal software and use the same acoustic control and calibration software. This software is free of charge and can be downloaded here.

illusonic room eq, clarity

Even with the best audio systems, the sound quality suffers from the generally poor acoustics of the listening room, which in most cases is your living room. The sound is perceived as faded and suffers from temporal accuracy. Optimising the acoustics of a living room is complex and is only possible to a limited extent.

Illusonic has developed a solution to electronically adapt the audio system to the room. Based on acoustic measurements at different points in the room, Illusonic calculates an optimal spectral equalization of the room (room EQ) and records it in the IAP.

In addition, the room can be "time-equalized" using the patent-pending Clarity function based on the reverberation times of the room. Bass becomes drier and the negative influence of the acoustics of your living room is removed.

illusonic depth, immersion

Unlike Equalization and Clarity, the immersion functions allow you to intensify three-dimensionality without the negative effects of sound coloration and temporal deterioration.

innovation and swiss precision

Illusonic is a leader in 3D audio technologies. Various products, including the new Dolby Atmos MPEG-H, use algorithms developed by Illusonic. The IAPs are developed in Uster and manufactured in Yverdon-les-Bains according to the best standards.


Unique features for stereo systems. Balanced and unbalanced outputs.

IAP 2 Illusonic Rhapsodyhifi


Stereo plus two additional channels for subwoofers, crossovers, centre, surround or overhead speakers.


IAP 8 can be used for multi-channel systems (Hifi and home cinema), crossovers, subwoofers, and speaker arrays.

IAP 16

The most flexible immersive multi-channel audio processor.

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