Hifi Basel - Dreiland - Attenschwiller

Rhapsody Hifi is part of the Dreiland community. We are happily based in France (Attenschwiller, close to Saint Louis), a few kilometers from Basel (Switzerland), Lörrach and Weil am Rhein (Germany)


We love this part of the world as a border free area where people enjoy multicultural life. It is always a pleasure to start the day in one of the three countries, cross borders to spend some times in another one and enjoy local culture.


We provide hifi devices and services in this area with great pleasure.


Call us for a listening session and we will welcome you in a friendly environment where you will feel like home.


You will find some brands that you don't necessary find elsewhere, they all fit our taste and this is why we love and sell them


Streamers, DAC, loudspeakers, Turntable and cables that we deeply tried in different hifi systems.


We sell VAT tax free to our Swiss and non European customers, feel free to contact us for a demo